I'm Behind, I know

I've had a little issue with discipline in posting my pictures this year. It never helps that my computer chooses when I wants to let me post stuff to the blog and when it just wants to sit and "think about it" for minutes on end.

I'm working on it and really am taking photos this year. I appreciate that you stopped by for a visit even though my photos are behind and now apparently dated incorrectly on these most recent ones. I'll have to work on correcting that...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tippy Top ~ 48/365

We were just about to leave but then they asked if they could climb to the tippy top. To give you some perspective on this here's this photo:

Bethany is the pink spot toward the bottom and she's a third to halfway up. The boys are the red and blue spot further up and they are between halfway and two-thirds to the top. They had a blast challenging themselves like this, but did not like the hike back down.

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