I'm Behind, I know

I've had a little issue with discipline in posting my pictures this year. It never helps that my computer chooses when I wants to let me post stuff to the blog and when it just wants to sit and "think about it" for minutes on end.

I'm working on it and really am taking photos this year. I appreciate that you stopped by for a visit even though my photos are behind and now apparently dated incorrectly on these most recent ones. I'll have to work on correcting that...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(Back)Side Splitting ~ 7/365

Yes, those are my jeans. Needless to say I was the "butt" of many jokes today with the fourth and fifth grade class, whom I split them out in front of while playing four square with them. Well, technically I wasn't "in front" of them when I did it, because none of them knew until I stood up really quick and yanked my jacket down over my backside. Thankfully I live so close to the school that the problem was easily rectified.

It was pretty "back"side splittingly funny! Ha! Ha!


  1. Uh oh! I don't think there's any repairing those jeans...

  2. Oh NO! How embarrassing. Hopeful they forget quickly.